Birds you might spot at Long Acres Caravan and Camping Park

The sound of birdsong is proven to lift your mood and make you feel relaxed, and we have plenty of it here at Long Acres! We want to help you enjoy your break as much as possible, and we know that connecting to nature while on holiday is important to a lot of our campers.

We’ve asked regular visitor and wildlife photographer @sussex_sara to share some tips on getting to grips with some of the birds you might spot during your stay.

House sparrows

These chattery, small, brownish birds often get together in social groups. They feed in flocks, hanging out on the tops of bushes, buildings or picking up any crumbs you might accidentally drop on the grounds! These birds love to bathe too, so keep an eye out near the pond on hot days and you might see them taking a bath!


Everyone loves a robin redbreast, but did you know both the males and females look the same? If you see two together they are likely to be a breeding pair. Robins are bold, often comfortable around humans and if you are very, very patient, you might even be able to feed them by hand. The best food to use is unsalted peanuts (salt is bad for them!) and you’ll need to hold the nuts in the centre of your flat, open palm. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t take the food though, they might have just eaten!


These birds are the ultimate mimics, incorporating all sorts of noises into their song. While they might appear black, watch them in sunlight to see rainbow shimmers reflect from their feathers. The best time to hear and see them is early evening, when groups get together to ‘discuss the day’ and perform synchronised swoops, called murmurations, in the sky.

Blue tits

These colourful characters have a very sweet call, and can be spotted feeding on insects in trees. They even hang upside down from the branches to seek out tasty titbits. In spring, keep your eyes peeled for nests on the path next to the paddock, I found this one in a hollow oak tree. Take care not to scare the parents away though, as the chicks have big appetites and need constant food!


Summer means swallows at long acres! With so much wildlife around, we provide the perfect place for these migratory birds to stop and feed. Look for ‘smartly dressed’ navy blue birds, with white shirts and red collars. They can often be seen speeding through the sky, chasing one another, before perching on overhead wires for a rest.


If you look high in the sky on a sunny day, you might see one of the many buzzards that have been spotted over the campsite. These birds of prey have a mewing call and circle high on the thermals scanning for their next meal. They can often be confused with red kites, which also fly over, but there's a trick to telling them apart! Red kites have a v shape cut out of the tail, while buzzard tails are more fan shaped!

Tawny owl

The campsite is quiet at night, but in the woodlands and fields that border it, owls may be hunting. Listen out after dark and you might hear the twit twoo of a tawny owl, but don’t be fooled! It’s not one bird, but two! The female calls kewick and the male calls hoohoo back. Do let us know if you hear one!